Tree Replacement

Sometimes tree removal is necessary, but tree replacement will maintain the looks and health of our community and environment. Trees filter the air we breathe and reduce road noise throughout our neighborhoods. Properly planted and maintained trees also add beauty and value to both commercial and residential real estate property. That’s why we offer our tree removal customers a substantial discount on tree replacement services.

planting a replacement tree

Tree Replacement Following Tree Removal

After your tree has been removed and the stump grinded, allow the chips to remain in the soil for one year. This will help the soil regain the nutrients taken by the tree that was removed. If you prefer to replace the tree immediately, we suggest your new tree be planted at least eight feet from the old one. Be sure there are no roots from the old tree that may hinder the growth of your healthy young tree.

tree replacement following tree removal

Tree Replacement Mandated by Tree Replacement Plans

Sometimes the City or County requires that any trees you remove must be replaced as part of a tree replacement plan to maintain the minimum canopy coverage. We will assist you with the necessary paperwork to be in compliance with your applicable City or County.

Be sure to ask about our tree replacement services to ensure the future health of our children.