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Professional Alpharetta Tree Removal

Get your free estimate on professional tree removal and replacement services in Alpharetta, Georgia. Over the past ten years we have earned a reputation as a reliable and hard-working local tree service. Call now for low-cost tree trimming, pruning and stump grinding. We carefully remove all tree branches and clean up all debris before we leave your property.

Large & Tall Tree Removal

Removing very large trees, especially when located over densely populated areas requires special planning, training and equipment. We employ cranes, large trucks, skid steer bobcats and chippers to remove the most large, thick and tall trees safely.

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To ensure preservation of the tree canopy, many cities have instituted tree protection plans. A large tree removal permit as well as a tree replacement plan may be mandatory. However, our tree removal compliance officer will complete any necessary tree tables and tree protection paperwork.

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Emergency and Fallen Tree Removal

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When a tree has been struck by lightning, damaged by a storm, or sickness is causing its collapse emergency tree removal measures must be taken. Trees that have already fallen or are leaning can be among the most dangerous to cut and remove. Never attempt to cut up a tree after it has fallen.

Cheap Tree Removal Services

Consider the consequences of hiring the cheapest tree removal service in Alpharetta. Cheap tree services generally have no insurance and outdated licenses. Low-cost tree services routinely cut corners taking dangerous risks on your property that may result in tragedy.

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Do not hire an unlicensed or inadequately insured tree removal company as they do not qualify for the necessary tree removal permit applications nor do they seek advance HOA approval which potentially exposes you to fines and civil penalties. But the worst consequence of choosing a cheap tree removal service is having no protection and no legal recourse should an accident occur while the tree work is being performed. As the property owner, it is your responsibility to verify the license, workers comp, and general liability insurance policy of any tree company in Georgia.

Why Choose Us

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While many tree removal companies have no real concern for trees or the environment, our management team is led by a dedicated arborist with a true love for healthy trees. Consider this: trees provide shade, improve our air quality and they dampen the sound of noisy roads. While tree removal is necessary, we advocate replacing the trees we remove.

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The tree removal and stump grinding crews we employ have met the legal requirements for safety and equipment training and each has the expertise to safely remove any tree and grind the stump. When regulations mandate that a tree replacement maintenance report be submitted for permitting, we can refer an independent and licensed Georgia ISA arborist. Finally, we are licensed, bonded and carry worker’s comp insurance; so, when choosing the best tree removal service to meet your needs, please consider us.

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HOA approval for tree removal may include applications and a tree replacement plan to be filed by an ISA arborist which we provide at no additional cost.

Tree Removal Permitting & Ordinance for the City of Alpharetta, Georgia

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The City of Alpharetta, Georgia requires a permit for any tree that is alive to be removed on a residential property. In some cases, removed trees need to be replaced to comply with zoning requirements and to maintain the minimum canopy coverage requirements set by the City.

Living trees along bodies of water are protected and such trees are handled on a case by case basis by the City Arborist.